loreal shine caresse :shade 702 julliete

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Loreal shine caresse : 702 JULIETTE

A big hola to all my shm  friends here..

Exams on head and instead of digging into books im writing about

My loreal shine caresse in Juliette… it was a color that I got for my self on my bday that was in February to wear as a color of winters.. but didn’t really get a chance to adore it much because the first time I had it on.. friends said…kuch zada red nai hogya

I don’t know why they  thought so…and even I cudnt manage going around and telling every one that its not red.. itz a coral color with red tones,anyway lets move on to the riviews

One product that  is pocket friendly and I AM IN LOVE WITH..sorry VK, u r having a hard time there.. because this beauty here is fetching me more than you do

This  Cleopatra beautified tube named  JULIETTE is one thing that I can wear even if itz those 750 degrees delhi’s summers or 4 degrees freezing winters

This beauty does not bleed despite its runny texture in the tube and being very thin upon application too

For the color it’s a beautiful coral with red tones.. I mean its more red than orange

And here is the trick

One coat of this makes you summer bright

And when applied twice you ready to rock in the fall seasons

Yeah right it’s a shade when applied the perfect amount can rock both seasons which I don’t generally come across other than my mac GAT

I feel the texture is really good.. I hate those lipglosses where the hair just comes and sticks into your gummy lipgloss.. no this is smooth and non sticky lyk satin maybe (sorry for my bad knowledge of fabrics)…

It just applies sooooooo smooth and thin on the lips and is not hooker kind of glossy.. just has the perfect classy sheen to it that I love

And all of us around  are raved of its packaging ,im happy loreal made the interior as well the exterior is amazing..

I preffer this heart shape flat applicator over the doefoot ones or the extra tilted one in the Maybelline lip polishes

Overall you must go for it those of you all who haven’t got this one yet go shell out some 500 and get this beauty home


1.color payoff is really good

2.beautiful light non sticky textures unlike those Maybelline lip polishes that are thick and sticky

3.staying power… god..i guess this thing stays on forever around 5 to 6 hrz or maybe more

4.waterproof….hell yeah,, this is water prrof.. incredibly waterproof..imean  you swatch it and keep it under running water it just refuses to go.. I have seen many  lipglosses that seem  to be waterproof but all that says after water is their stickiness on the lips and not much of the color

5.the price its so affirdable 499.. that’s it


  1. Not really any cons or anything bad about this product apart from it’s smell.. it smells something like lab alcohol (lab alcohol is the OH compounds we prepare at the lab, my science beauties would be knowing that).. but even that smell goes after a little while
  2. Which shades did you get in this range .. I know its too late to write a riview for this,,.. but u know its better late than never