Writing this  post almost 35000 ft. above the ground..ofcourse to write about my HIGHBEAM highlighter I had to come up this high


Hahahah.. eyes rolling. Don’t worry im on my way to Bengaluru on a2.5hr indigo flight..nothing to do..then miNd strikes to SHM  and I pen down my reviews about  the highbeam highlighter from benefit –SUPERMODEL IN A BOTTLE


Until my  visit to Sephora and the benefit counter my ignorant thought about a highliter was dat is solely hooker shimmer or hooker glitter ,and me being a person who likes glitter only on eyes and clutch bags,kept running away from highlighters


And there to clear of my Ignorance came a beautiful really beautiful (and the only Punjabi sa) of Sephora asking me to try highbeam.. I was reluctant even then,but she insisted to try it once..and if I don’t like it I am always free to not buy it(you guyz know me being a stern creature,for whom a no means no)and speacially so with sa’s at beauty counter cause they have tricked me 3 to 4 times into buying products that promise tons and deliver zero. But on my mom and the sa’s  recommendation.. I tried and say what my chubby cheeks instantly had a sheen and a lift to them


Yes for a science(a science freek) like me who hates hooker glitter and shimmer.  This highlighter was a BLISS or wasn’t OTT shimmery


Not glittery or powdery ,that would just, get sprayed all over, It was a little elegant botte with nude or whitish kinnda highlighter(wuff all that in one sentence)


For now lets see the pros and cons of this supermodel


1.not glittery or shimmery .. can be worn to work as it just adds the perfect amount of sheen to the cheek bones and instantly brightens and lifts them up


2.liquid consistency .. but not very runny


3.would be a perfect highlight for anyone from nc 15 to nc 47


4.blends really well on the skin


5.comes with a brush along to aplly(nail polish kind of)


6. doesn’t  seem flashy even during  a casual day out


7.photographs really well, you know some highlighters  look extra flashy and tachy under camera flash






Now lets see what all I didn’t like in this


1.the price it’s a hefty sum of 2300 for a highlighter it’s a bit on the pink side and white would not suit dusky beauties


3.needs to be blended quickly when applied or the spots where the product had initially been dotted on the skin would stand out


4.for people like me  the glass bottle packaging could turn out disasters.. as  it might end up in spilling of the product due to breakage of bottle.


So here it is a brief review of this high beam as im new to highlighter.. friends plz do share ur tips and tricks on highlighters in the comment box below J



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